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Haussmann Buildings - Druss - 07-24-2022

Haussmann Buildings

Specifics :

Upgrades from Downtown 2-storey house

- Requires :

90 food
30 energy

- Provides:

20 low skilled workers
40 medium skilled workers
60 in population
3 in happiness

RE: Haussmann Buildings - LeDoc - 07-31-2022

Hi, first of all thank you, i love your mod, it s beautiful and gives a strong style to cities, although i suggest you to modify it just a bit cause requirements are too common and it's an evolutive dead end, you should add some very specific requirement like a special building in a 5 radius or so that triggers the evolution to your creation. I ve had some problems cause too many buildings were fulfilling the requirements and big parts of my towns were turning into haussman without the ability to turn back or to anything else causing city to crash... It would give just a bit more control over what type of building we should make pop and where on the map...

It would be so cool if it was linked to landmarks mods, like if eiffel tower or triomph arch or le louvres triggers the evolution to haussman in a 20 or so radius...

btw, i m born and raised 5 km away from Paris and your model is gorgeous, thx for sharing and taking time, cheers