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Adds a simple windmill that can be upgraded into three different variants:

[Image: 20220829022224_1.jpg]

The initial Windmill unlocks at the same time as the watermill. It produces some power and food and can be built anywhere on land with a 1 radius gap between mills, just like the wind turbine. Unlike the turbine, however, it can tolerate up to nearby 10-11 population density (a Tenant Farmer) on a 2 radius.

The Improved Windmill requires 4 farm fields next to it. It produces more food and power, but costs more wood to maintain. It also tolerates more population density than the basic version (Up to a Villa, 24-25 pop density)

The Orchard Windmill is what happens when you surround a (improved) windmill with at least 4 green spaces worth of parks next to it. It tolerates population density the highest (50 pop density, a Mansion) It allows the construction of Flower Fields, wich are parks that reduce pollution by 2/10 per tile and produces a bit of food... somehow.

Lastly, the Modern Windmill becomes available after building logistics and a Farm Shed nearby. It produces the most amount of food in exchange of costing iron instead of wood to maintain. Like the Orchard Windmill, it tolerates up to 50 population density.

Suggestions are welcome Smile

Lastest version download:

-1.4, 10/03/2022: Added variants for each map, some with vastly different stats and appearance than others. Change flower fields to be buildable as a park instead of being an upgrade to farm fields.

.zip (Size: 1.18 MB / Downloads: 204)

Old versions:

-1.3, 08/29/2022: Added a new upgrade variant, the Modern Windmill. Overhauled the Windmill Plaza into an Orchard Windmill, wich changes nearby fields into Flower Fields. Moved all windmills into the farms menu. Tweaked a lot of stats around.

.zip (Size: 422.93 KB / Downloads: 50)

-1.2, 08/19/2022: added custom icon, added abandoned model. Tweaked stats on the Improved Windmill (-1 wood maintenance cost, -20 food storage) and the Windmill Plaza (+10 energy production) Made the Improved Windmill able to sidegrade into the Windmill Plaza.

.zip (Size: 195.27 KB / Downloads: 19)

- 1.1, 07/21/2022: added in-game mod description, increased population density tolerance of all windmills, tweaked farm field requirements on the Improved Windmill and green space requirements on the Windmill Plaza.

.zip (Size: 153.12 KB / Downloads: 164)

- 1.0: initial release.

.zip (Size: 152.87 KB / Downloads: 53)

This is a great idea and mod! Thankyou Smile

This mod is so vastly underrated - this is the ONE mod I'd play with if I only had to choose one. Thank you!!

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