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Bruko's mod review

Hi everyone, 

So it was honestly very good, it looks amazing and all. Some issues I encountered is that they need a food provider and the minimarket does not fit in at all. Also, the buildings don't light up at night, which is very concerning for me as it makes me worry if there is even people inside (jokes aside it needs to be fixed). 
I know this post is extremely unnecessary, but I made it anyways, so deal with it.

Have an amazing beautiful sunny bright and happy day! ^^

Thanks for reporting! I will sove it now

I really like the cheap pormoenades ^^ But the cheap normal parks feel even more expensive considering that they need one whole tile just to produce 0,1 greenspace xd. Compare this to the 2 greenspace per tile of a "nice park". This means that if I wanted to reach "5 story green" with cheap parks, I would have to cover up the whole area around the house with these cheap parks, propably so much that the density requireoments for mixta5 are no longer met. /: so I might consider making my own "cheap psrkd" mod xd

The cheap park serves only aesthetic purposes, i.e. it is a way for Urbekites to see the park without having to spend so much work. And of course, nothing prevents you from changing the mod values and putting green areas 10 Wink

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